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Clutch Issues on 2010 K1300GT
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the clutch on my 2010 K1300GT needs some attention. bike has 40k miles.

i took it to gulf coast bmw and they are advising replacement of the lamellar pack for $1,200 parts and labor with 2 year parts and labor warranty (ouch!).

i am hesitating because i am not sure it that is the correct resolution and would like to get your thoughts.

i feel, if the clutch pack/discs are worn the clutch would slip.  but, in my bike's case the problem is the opposite.  even with the clutch lever pulled all the way in, the bite point is not fully disengaging.  gears are hard to shift and the bike wants to creep from standstill when put into first gear - even with clutch lever fully squeezed against the handle bar.

gulf coast is saying there are no issues with the actuator and thus suggesting the lamellar pack replacement.  an alternative they suggest is to take the clutch cover off and check the bearing and axles first to verify the problem.

your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

thank you!

- cvlamellar pack
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