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Ride Opportunity in Russia - Wow!
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I get a number of various emails from motorcycle organizations and tour operators who find the club email from our website and send advertising emails. I post them from time-to-time in case someone wants to take advantage. Here is a ride opportunity that is off-the-scale of adventure riding! Contact them if you are interested!  Jerry

"My name is Yuri Kalika. I’m from Russia and I’m organizing motorcycle tours in that big country. I invite you and members of your moto club to the one big adventure through all Russia in 2020. It's 11,200 kilometers from Moscow to Vladivostok. It’s real challenge for real riders.

It is a legendary Trans-Siberian route: through Ural mountains, Siberia, great Lake Baikal, the Far East. Seven time zones! An infinite number of rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, Taiga, Eurasian Steppes. Countless tribes, people of different nationalities, traditions and cultures!


You can rent from us BMW F800GS, BMW R1200GS or ride your own bike.


For moto clubs we have special offer:

5% discount - for groups with 1-2 participants,

10% discount - for groups with 3-6 participants,

15% discount - for groups with 7 and more participants.

You can use this discount at your discretion. You can give this discount to members of moto club, or you can use this discount on the club needs, expenses.

I can also adapt this tour according to your wishes - I can meet you at the border, help you with shipping motorcycles from Vladivostok by ferry to Europe, America or by train to Moscow.

More information about me, route, itinerary, photos and video on our website:

I will be very glad to show you all the beauty and diversity of Russia.


Come ride with me.


Best regards,

Yuri Kalika


UVenture Founder

+7 925 589 83 00

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