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2016 R1200 GS ADV Rough Idle on Startup in Hot Day...
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Thanks, Huseyin. I will try the suggestions mentioned. 

Since it has an almost 8-gallon fuel tank and I haven't ridden for ages beyond its round-trip range, I always fill up at the local Timewise/Shell station with their super unleaded before going out.  I will try Buc ee's non-ethanol as suggested by Fernando.

Throwing this as an idea since i worked with non condensable gases (NCG) in one of my projects and this might be the reason. 

When you have gas in the tank it will have some gas vapor build up by its nature and there will be some non condensable gases (NCG) in it too. When the weather is too hot, there will be more gas in the tank because of the heat effect. If you bought a bad gas, the amount of NCGs will be high also. When you wait in the hot temp and try to restart the engine, potentially this NCG rich mix is going through the engine first and causing some inefficient burn ratio. Using some additives to enrich the current gas quality in tank and good quality gas overall may help.. Hope it helps, good luck!
Thanks!  I'll give this a try.
Hey Steve,

Food for thought.

I had my 2013 R1200R starting rough after valve check.

I went to Buc ee's and filled the tank two times with ethanol free gas. After the first time, roughness diminished. The roughness disappeared after the second time.

By the way, I had no codes with the GS 911 tool I borrowed.

Hope this helps as well.

Fernando Aguirre
c. 832-326-2474
My 2013 GSA experienced some rough running a while back that I attributed to some bad gas. After draining and refilling with fresh premium, it still experienced some intermittent issues of rough running. I added a bottle of Sea Foam IC5 Concentrated Fuel Injection Cleaner, 5.25oz to a 1/4 tank and ran that out. The rough running improved, but I added another bottle to the next full tank and the issue has disappeared. No codes were set in the computer so I think the injectors were a little plugged.
Runs great today. Good Luck

In 2016 I switched from Yamaha to the 2016 R1200 GS ADV.  It's a great bike.  Excellent handling, big gas tank,  and a joy to ride.  I purchased it at Team Mancuso next to Bellaire Blvd.  

On every cold start the engine starts up and sounds normal, and we are good to go. On hot summer days when I stop the bike and go away for a bit I come back and start the engine - this is where I notice the very rough and misfire startup/idle.  It really sounds bad and, frankly, embarrassing.  In cool/cold temps this not an issue.  It's only when the ambient temp is "hot" and the bike has been ridden and stopped for a bit.

I recently had my 12k service and everything "checked out"  normal.   I was cleaning my garage during July 4th wknd,  so the bike was on the driveway on the side stand stand for a couple hours. It was a hot day.  When I started the ignition to bring it back into the garage there was that awful rough/misfire idle.  It had just been sitting out in the hot sun for a couple of hours.  I had not even ridden it as mentioned above.

Last night I took off the paneling to inspect the air filter.  I didn't see any crimped lines coming out of the filler cap area and everything down there looked clean and normal. 

Any suggestions would be helpful.  I'm in the process of getting a OBDLink LX scanner tool to see if there is anything else other than the dealer's "everything looks normal"  message.


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