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My baby done been injured!!!
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Had a young woman back into my 2016 RT while it was parked at a gas pump and knock it over 🥵. Looks like all the damage was to the Tupperware (good thing I have front and rear crash bars, no luggage was damaged) but I suspect I'll need to replace all of the Ebony Metallic sections of my fairing. A few questions:

  • Do the tupperware pieces come painted from the factory, or will I need to get a body shop involved?
  • Any recommendations on where to have the work done, hopefully near the Woodlands.
  • Are there any resources available to get p[ricing on the replacement part, or is the dealer the only way to go? FYI, I am NOT impressed with the dealer here in the Woodlands, I just moved here but it's plain to see they are more interested in selling V-twins.



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