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2004 R1150RT— Help Request —Issue: High Beam Not ...
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The bulb holder you showed does not look like the one in the BMW parts fiche for an R1150RT, so you might want to compare what you have to what BMW makes publicly available.

MAX BMW Motorcycles - BMW Parts & Technical Diagrams - R1150RT (R22)

If you cannot get a new, replacement part, here's a few places you might try:

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New and Used motorcycle parts - Boonstra Parts

Hope that help.


I’m new to this group but am hoping someone might have a good suggestion for a fix to resolve my high-beam headlight problem. (I just realized, I may not truly have a “Beamer” if the high beam is not working!?!?!? ... you’ll laugh later. )


High beam on my RT does not work. Bulb is fine. Holder appears to have gotten either modified or shorted out.

Does anyone have a recommended fix or source for the holder?


Anyway, I recently purchased this 2004 RT and it had a ‘bad high beam bulb.’ Turns out that there is a ‘holder’ (BH) for the high beam bulb, not the bulb (it was fine). This BH does not show up on the BMW diagrams, only the bulb with the pig-tail shows on the diagram. BMW dealers have not been able to shed any light on this issue (yes, still funny) since the part is not listed on their diagrams. They have ordered a full headlight assembly to see if the BH comes with it. So far, this is a special order and is months away at best. It’s worth noting that the BH is a two-piece assembly, metal and plastic (see pic attached).

I’ve done some online looking, learned some things but no joy on the fix. I appears that my BH had a copper tab that served to connect the assembly to ground (educated guess) via the metal clip that snaps the BH in place. From the look of the BH, it got over-heated to the point that now there is only a hole. (One of the prior owners did some re-wiring to add some Pia lights linked to the high beam. I haven’t spent time to compare old wiring diagrams to as-built condition to see if they worked around a fuse (bad idea), but that is my guess as to how the BH got the hold in it.) My intention is (/was?) to replace the bulb holder. However, it’s been hard to find.

In the absence of a better suggestion, my next interation is to solder a spade connector to the metal part of the BH so that this can then be used with a pig-tail to connect to ground.

I have attached pic of the BH from the web, as it should be. I didn’t take pics of my BH when it was out (ugh). I’ve updated this post with pics of the rider’s (owner’s) manual.

I’m open to suggestions, comments, and questions.




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