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cluthless shifting
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Well, it depends ...

If the S1000R has a constant-mesh transmission (unlikely), then clutchless shifting isn't doing it any good.

If it has a synchromesh transmission (likely), then clutchless shifting isn't doing it any great harm.

The only damage (that I know) that clutchless shifting on a synchromesh transmission causes is an increase in the stress levels imparted into the transmission. Will that cause an early failure ... who knows. My guess would be that because the S1000R was essentially designed as a racing bike, the transmission is likely seriously robust, so ...

I have a 2019 BMW S1000R and I sometimes shift gears without the clutch, but most of the time I still use the clutch (hard to break 20 years worth of habits). My question is the following: am I causing any damage to the transmission, clutch, etc. by not using the clutch to change gears? Or are these bikes really made to be ridden clutchless all the time with no problems or long term damage. There is so much conflicting and dubious information online I decided to ask my question here to members of the club. I am looking forward to your response.

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