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Battery for 2008 K1200GT
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Terry and Dominic, both good options, but I already have a battery maintainer for regular batteries.

I know many have used the Odyssey in the past. My question is more should I get the PC680 or the PC680 MJ (Metal Jacket)

I’ve been running in my 2013 R1200GSA since 2015. No issues except Li batteries don’t like the cold weather much. Generally need to let the battery warm up a minute or so. But, it never fails me. I also use the Shorai battery tender.

LFX21A6-BS12 $229.95


When I replaced the battery on my K1600, I went with a EarthX 680, a LIFePo4 battery, and an Optimate battery tender. It's much, much, much lighter than the original lead acid gel cell, and with the Optimate tender, should outlast me.

I don't remember all of the research I did, but I seem to remember choosing the EarthX because of it's internal cell balancing devices / wiring ... essentially, it means that the battery is fully compatible with standard ICE charging systems, nothing else needs to be added.

If you do decide to go down the same path (LIFePo4 battery and tender), be aware the LIFePo4 batteries DO require a tender suitable for LIFePo4 batteries. When I bought mine, I seem to remember that Optimate may have been the only manufacturer supplying suitable tenders.

Hope that helps,


I need to replace my battery on my 2008 K1200GT. I settled on the Odyssey. They list two, the PC680 and the PC680 MJ (Metal Jacket). Any suggestions as to which one I should use. Thanks in advance.

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