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advice on selecting a Garmin device ?
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I don't know what your budget is, but if you can afford it, I would strongly recommend the Zumo XT. It is a far superior unit to the older Zumos or any other GPSs that I have used. The screen brightness alone is worth the extra cost. Check out some of the reviews. Lots of new easy to use features, fantastic display and better built. If you will check online, the prices start at @ $400.



I recommend this one on sale now for a great price



Any advice on selecting a Garmin device for downloading club rides (GPX files)?

There seem to be so many to choose from.

As much as I like my iPhone it is designed to shut itself off if it gets too hot (warm) - which easily frequently happens.

Not to mention those disturbing times when cell phone coverage is dropped/limited and I'm on my own.

As a slow rider I'll need to be a little self-sufficient for navigation - because wouldn't want to hold up the parade (i.e. group ride).

I might also use in my car in addition to on my motorcycle.

Purchase location?

- Garmin

- Best Buy

- online

I'll also consider buying a used unit - in case anyone is upgrading theirs...

I did locate the helpful navigation files at the BMW Club Forum.

Any other thoughts?

Any experiences (good or bad) and insights gratefully received.


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