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Yes, Mike, my apologies to all. I have been posting the meetups on Facebook and and I had forgotten that I created this forum here on our website. I need a social media assistant!

I just renamed this subforum to "Regional Meetups" to include other meetups that we have now. I will post the next North Houston meetup in a separate post, but for you and everyone else around south Houston note that we also have a south Houston Meetup at Gulf Coast BMW. I will also post that separately as well.

These are informal get-togethers for coffee and some light pastries. There is no meeting or rides, just an opportunity for people to meet other riders. You don't have to own a BMW or even a motorcycle at all!
Hi Jerry,
Does this group still meet?  What time and what place are they meeting?  By the way, Happy New Year to you and the gang.

Jerry, thank you for all the effort you are doing to build this BMW community!

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for organizing this meet up and driving to the Northside of town. It was a pleasure to meet bmw motorcycle members that I can reach out to in my area.

We had our first meetup in north Houston on Saturday, Jan 12. I thought I would try this out and see if 6 or 8 people would show up. What a surprise! We had about 25 to 30 people make an appearance in the 90 minutes that I was there! The dealership provided coffee, fruit and some light pastries. Everyone was very pleased about having an opportunity to meet people closer to them than downtown at our normal monthly meeting. We will definitely do this again! The plan is to repeat this monthly and see where it goes. If you want to do something more then step up and make it happen!

Jerry M

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