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Plenty of inventory in the stores, almost like Levi jeans in a Levi store.  No need to mail order and have shipped to the store.
I have been riding in these for several years. They are tough and come in different colors. Only negative and it is minor, they are pretty stiff when new. Also you can order online and pick them up at your local store and avoid shipping.

There's one at Baybrook Mall too, which I've been meaning to visit. Can you suggest some sources of armor ? That Bohns underpants comes to mind. My Klim riding over pants have never fit me quite right.


How many of you have issues finding a pair of pants that fit correctly and comfortable?  How many do you order via Internet, receive, try on, and return? 

Here is a solution.  Duluth Trading Company now has a store in Katy on I-10 down the road from Wild West Motoplex same side of the highway.  They have three kinds of firehose material made pants ( in all sizes that you would find a nice fit that is comfortable.  There is no armor of course, but you can purchase some knee/shin pads that would fit nicely underneath the pants if you do want some protection. 

Used these pants in Arkansas in mid 30s and low 40s degree weather with a pair of flannels underneath and was perfectly comfortable.  I feel if temps were in low 30s or high 20s, one would be comfortable with outer rain pants to stay warm over the Deluth pants and thermal underwear.  You will not have all that bulky liners that so many pants come with that restrict movement and hinder riding and your comfort.

I was very pleased with the results.

'13 R1200Rt

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