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Who needs a GS??? Off Road Riding on an FJR1300!!
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Reminds me of that saying:

Adventure riders, bravely going where other people live.

We gringos believe going to Alaska is a HUGE RISK, what with bears, moose, long distances between towns, etc. Can you imagine what Europeans must worry about when they contemplate flying over, renting a Harley to ride across in the US?  Shooting in Baltimore, muggings in Chicago, tornados in Kansas, drug wars along the southwest border, forest fires in California, aggressive homeless people in Portland/Seattle, miles of RV's waiting to get into Yellowstone,... Hmmm, Alaska looks like a walk in the park compared to what they think of us... plus every one from here to Deadhorse speaks English. 

Don't get me wrong, going to Alaska is still a challenge in preparation and endurance (mentally and physically).  But compared to what foreigners must consider when riding here....
My first bike was a Yamaha XT250 small dual sport. I was riding at Surfside through deep sand devastation after hurricane Ike. I thought I was hot stuff. I saw in the distance another motorcycle approaching. It turned out to be a full dress Harley. Riding two up. Pulling a trailer. Oh, well.
This incredible!! This guy takes an FJR1300 down single track trails in some woods that most of us would have a hard time taking our GSs! If you are not familiar with what an FJR1300 is jump to the end where he is washing it off after his ride. It is a modern, premium high performance sport touring bike.
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