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Can you ride alone during lock down ?
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It all comes down to your personal comfort level.  If you want to go for a ride, as of now, there is nothing the government can do to stop you, as there are still hundreds of places that you are legally allowed to travel to (parks, beaches, restaurants, mechanics, convenience/grocery/liquor stores, guns stores/ranges, etc).

If you are not comfortable with that, then best to stay at home.

Bottom line is, people are dealing with this situation in their own ways.  As long as we are following the law and not intentionally doing anything that is putting people in direct risk (i.e. going to work with a fever) then we should respect their decisions.

I hope you all stay safe (and sane).
All well and good unless you have an accident while riding.  Where are you going to get medical attention?  What if you breakdown, have a flat, etc who is coming to help you.  You need gas at some point so will need to handle the pump.

I appreciate it may be the last bastion of freedom right now, but we can stay home and we should IMHO. I love my bike and this is my favorite time of year to ride.  I pretty much park it here in the summer as too hot, but I will stay home as asked until this passes.

Be extra careful if you do decide to take a spin.

P.S.  I am on a fishing website too.  As of yesterday they were closing most of the ramps on the coast and in some of the counties people towing boats even by themselves were getting stopped and ticketed.

This may have changed.

A guy I work with said police were stopping folks leaving his neighborhood on Monday morning asking the purpose of their trip. If you were not on an "essential" trip to buy groceries, to see a doctor, or going to work at an "essential business", etc...they were sending you back home. He lives up north...Woodlands, or thereabouts.

Along these lines, our company has produced a letter stating that we are an "essential business" and part of the "critical infrastructure" Employees are told to carry it if they have to travel for work reasons.

Crazy times, folks!



Yes, there is no law or order from preventing you from riding.  The roads are still open, as are numerous "essential" businesses like restaurants, liquor stores, and parks.  People are still coming and going to and from all manner of places.  There are no police checkpoints and no Gestapo interrogation tactics.  Enjoy yourself - motorcycling is a great way to practice social distancing while still having fun!
Is anyone aware if you can ride (alone) during the lock down?  

Obviously you do not want to do it if you are feeling unwell, but since you will be on your own in your bike, would that be against the law?
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