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Good Place to Purchase Tires and Mounting
Nathan Margolis

Returned from an excellent five-day Arkansas trip a few days ago but the adventure almost went awry because of a local BMW motorcycle dealer that could not get things done correctly.

Ordered a new rear tire ten days before the depart date and took the rim in for mounting two days prior to the trip. Dealership mounted, I went home, and that night before bolting on the rim with the new tire, discovered it was the wrong tire. The dealership did refund the purchase the following day along with labor but left me in the cold as I had only had a worn out original tire. They only said it would damn near impossible to get a Michelin Pilot Road 5GT in time for my ride. Thank you BMW dealership for almost ruining a trip.

Motorcycles Unlimited in north Houston off FM 1960 near I-45 to the rescue. He ordered the tire, had it in the next day, mounted on the rim, and off I went on time to Arkansas.

Motorcycles Unlimited has the best pricing, least expensive mounting, and have been in business for 20 plus years for good reasons. Their phone number is 281 444-0545. Patrick and Susie (owners) will take good care of you and be sure to use my name- Nathan.

They do not service BMW motorcycles because of the specialized equipment needed and difficulty in obtaining parts if not an authorized dealer, but if you have other motorcycles, highly recommend their service and repair department as they have 5 techs and ownership overseeing work plus himself turning wrenches when needed.

Robert Wolf

In addition, this shop set up the suspension on my R Nine T about 10 months ago. At the time they only charged $50. The appt was made on line and they jumped on it right on time. Best $50 I've ever spent on a M/C.

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