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Club Rides

Twisted Sisters and Moto GP @ COTA
Steve Jarocki

I'm tentatively planning to ride The Three Twisted Sisters on April 14th to April 16th. I plan to leave early Friday morning (from Fulshear) and ride up through Luckenbach and Fredericksburg (lunch) and then spending the night in Kerrville (237 miles). Saturday morning ride the Twisted Sisters (222 miles). Saturday night in Kerrville. Sunday morning leave early and, depending on the cost of tickets, riding to COTA and watch the Moto GP races. Leave Austin around 5:00pm and ride home to Fulshear (3 hours). I haven't determined hotel reservations, but, would prefer to stay at hotel or B&B that are a little away from the city. Prefer secondary roads over the super slabs, and, when riding I stop every hour or so to stretch my legs. I'm a part time resident of Texas and full time resident of Florida (in case y'all are wondering why I don't go to many of y'all's meetings). If anyone is interested in joining me my email address is:


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